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      迪普勒專業提供各類型文件的翻譯,是一家天津翻譯公司,翻譯公司,英語翻譯,天津英語翻譯公司,是從事多年的正規翻譯公司。 您暫無新詢盤信息!


      來源:    發布時間:2019-10-18


      Dear EST members

      The EST Congress 2019 in Stellenbosch was a great success, with over

      200 participants, 4 stimulating keynotes, and very interesting papers.

      At the General Meeting, the winner of the Young Scholar Prize was

      announced (congratulations to Nina Reviers!) as well as the other

      finalists (Claudine Borg, Anne Ketola, Katarzyna Stachowiak, Raluca

      Tanasescu, and Chuan Yu).

      The venue for the EST Congress 2022 was also presented: the Department

      of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages at the University

      of Oslo (UiO) and the Department of International Studies and

      Interpreting (IST) at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) will

      co-host the Congress in Oslo, which is provisionally scheduled to take

      place mid-August.

      Finally, the new Board was confirmed after a manual audit of the

      electronic voting results: Arnt Jakobsen (President), Luc van

      Doorslaer (Vice-president), Isabelle Robert (Treasurer), Maureen

      Ehrensberger-Dow (Secretary General), ?ucja Biel, Ilse Feinauer,

      Kyriaki Kourouni, Elisabet Tiselius, and Kristina Solum (Congress 2022


      More details will be available in the upcoming EST Newsletter.

      Best regards


      Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow

      Secretary General, European Society for Translation Studies



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